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Topic: Kindle edition?

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  • Re: Kindle edition?

    I promised you an eBook update so here it is:

    The eBook should be available from retailers such as WH Smiths, Waterstones and Tesco at the end of this week.

    The Amazon Kindle is a different eBook format (.mobi format) so is being developed/converted separately. However, this should also be available end of this week or early next week. (That includes the UK and US Amazon Kindle stores.)

  • Re: Kindle edition?

    Cool! \O/ look fwd to reading!

  • Re: Kindle edition?

    I saw the link on your twitter page Mike. I bet youre looking forward to the kindle edition coming out eh?

  • Re: Kindle edition?

    Yes, I wouldn't mind a bit of that luck rubbing off on me ;)

  • Re: Kindle edition?

    No worries about the ebook delay, not your fault and thank u for the updates. I bought one of your collectors set because I'm eager to get playing now! Look forward to getting my copy and the two loot cards. Happy to support such a fantastic project.

  • Re: Kindle edition?

    Wondering is there an update on the Kindle versions yet? Wasn't it meant to be out last month? Perhaps you gave it the kiss of death again heh!

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