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Topic: Questions about death move

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  • Questions about death move

    Wow! I'm very excited about the death move ability.

    I'm left a bit confused about how it plays. If you kill more than one enemy in a round can you use two death moves? If enemies die at the same time, like by using thorns does it mean you can you play one death move or two?

    The mage ability is a recharge. Do you have to play the recharged ability straight away?

    Hope you don't mind the questions.!

  • Re: Questions about death move

    Not at all! You can only use one death move per combat round, so doesn't matter how many opponents you defeat, it can only trigger the once.

    The recharge ability plays the same as the runecaster's refresh. It gives you back an ability you have already used. You can then use that ability whenever you want, subject to its usual description.

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