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Topic: Fight in the Forum

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  • Fight in the Forum

    Let we do a battlefield in the Forum.
    First step: post your heroes
    Second step: Someone "Start new topic" and there choose another fighter to fight with him.
    Third step: we use rules in "Hero vs. hero combat"

    Every roll on dice we post in topic step by step. This is very slow way to battle but we can try.

    There is no room for lies and we need to be honest with roll of dice.
    I expect posts

  • Re: Fight in the Forum

    I like this idea! I hope someone takes you up on the challenge. Reminds me a little of the old 'Play by Mail' days (before the wonders of computer technology) where you would 'post' your actions to a gamesmaster and then wait for your reply to arrive with the outcome. Not the speediest way of playing a game!

    If both players were online at the same time, it could work well.

  • Re: Fight in the Forum

    I meant to reply a while ago, sorry. I'd be up for this. Could be fun!

  • Re: Fight in the Forum

    Rithe you must start new topic. It name have to be the two names. First name is on your hero and second name is on my hero Harold or Padok. Harold is more powerful than Padoc in player vs player combat. I hope the battle begin soon

  • Re: Fight in the Forum

    Hmmm... I think I'll pit my DQ1 warrior against yours. I do wonder how a DQ2 vs DQ1 character will go. My warrior does have some of the bonus equipment from cards and such for the book, so might be more powerful. But, there's only one way way to find out, right?

    I'll get the post going later. We should both post character info in our first post, and then we can get going. Need to read over the Hero battle rules as well.

  • Re: Fight in the Forum

    I'm conscious those rules need updating at some point. They still only reference the original LoS abilities and not those from the expansion, or Book Two. But the general rules structure itself is unchanged.

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