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Topic: Ebook availability

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  • Ebook availability

    Hey, I found out about Destiny Quest from the Holdfast gamebook Kickstarter. While I've been able to find paperback versions for sale in the United States, I haven't been able to find the ebook version for sale to the US anywhere. Can someone point me where to look? The links on this website all say that they don't have rights to sell in my area.

    Also, I don't have a Kindle or iPad or phone that could run it. It would need to be compatible with my Nook. Is there an epub version available?

  • Re: Ebook availability

    Hi Caninicus

    Great news that Holdfast got its funding I see!

    Yes, I'm afraid the eBook isn't currently available in the States. This is due to ongoing negotiations to secure a US publisher for DestinyQuest. I imagine a decision will be made towards the end of the year as to whether Gollancz (my UK publisher) will go ahead and release the epub in other territories.

    Until then, I'm afraid it's print only - although I will say, the print versions are pretty sexy as gamebooks go! And the eBooks do still require the use of printed hero sheets.

  • Re: Ebook availability

    I can't speak for the Nook, but I am a proud owner of the Kindle edition of DQ

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