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Topic: V3 Patch Question

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  • V3 Patch Question

    Hey there, had a question about the item stat changes in the V3 patch. Do the new stats completely override the original stats, or are they simply added on?

  • Re: V3 Patch Question

    Yep, the new stats override the old ones.

  • Re: V3 Patch Question

    So, for example, in entry 40.

    Mauler's maw previously read +1 brawn, +1 armour, ability: fearless

    After V3, it would read +1 speed, +1 armour, with no ability?

  • Re: V3 Patch Question

    Ah, I see your point now. Yes, Mauler's Maw still has the ability fearless. In the patch notes I'm just highlighting the "parts" of an item I have changed (rather than re-listing all of its info). Sorry, hope that is a bit clearer now.

  • Re: V3 Patch Question

    Are quests Waking the dead (Act 3 orange quest) and The betrayed (End game quest) in V3

  • Re: V3 Patch Question

    I have them inside my copy of LoS. The big version with the green logo. Think it was just the very early edition which didn't have it. Waking the dead, waldo, the betrayed are all inside the others.

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