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Topic: DestinyQuest combat tracker

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  • DestinyQuest combat tracker

    I've uploaded a new sheet to the site to help players keep track of their combats. Check out the news story for more info:


  • Re: DestinyQuest combat tracker

    oh good timing!! I'm starting my second run at HoF this weekend so i'll be printing a load of these. When I'm finished with my second hero i'll post them up. First was a drake warrior now I'm trying for a healer mage. Torn between druid, acolyte, rune caster??? All seem good.

    Any ideas when DQ 3 will be on sale? I have a bithday in October

  • Re: DestinyQuest combat tracker

    It could be November, but it could also be February of next year. Obviously, I'm hoping for Nov. Would be nice to see it available for Christmas, but we will see. As soon as I know for sure, I'll let you know.

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