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Topic: LoS on Kobo Books

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  • LoS on Kobo Books

    I'm really keen to get the ebook of LoS from the Kobo Books store to read on my iPad. My concern is that I have download the preview/trial version (which includes the first several pages) and the links seem to be haywire - they don't link to the paras they're supposed to link to. Has anyone tried this version or would the moderators be able to confirm that the version on Kobo is playable?

  • Re: LoS on Kobo Books


    I think the problem is that the preview version only has a handful of pages (like you say), so therefore most of the links will be missing (i.e. the links can't take you to a page that doesn't exist).

    The preview (if it is anything like the Amazon 'look inside' feature) is just for you to sample the writing. I don't think the interactivity will be enabled properly.

    At least, that is what I assume. As far as I know (and from what I have seen) the full eBook version works absolutely fine.

  • Re: LoS on Kobo Books

    Thanks so much for the clarification Da Boss... I'm super excited about getting the ebook (I;m really trying to move away from print books - living in an apartment and space is at a premium!) and will definitely do so now that I've ready your post; what you've said makes total sense as to why the links were all screwy.

  • Re: LoS on Kobo Books

    Just one more question: do the ebooks get updated with the same content as the new versions of the print book (additional quests, errata, etc) as far as you know?

  • Re: LoS on Kobo Books

    No problem. The eBook is the Gollancz special edition, so it will feature all the extra content (the online quests etc). I'm not 100% sure if the Kobo Books eBook is the 'patched' version or not (a new version of the book came out in April, with some changes to items).

    The new version has the purple logo:

    It is also small and light, which might be ideal for your apartment space ;)

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