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Topic: Mages

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  • Mages

    Hello everyone as I am quite new to DQ I am really enjoying it, I always like playing a mage character but it seems act II gets much more difficult for a mage, so if there are any more mages wondering around and have any tips or thoughts for a mage character I would be curious to hear from you good sirs.

  • Re: Mages

    My advise is to learn the alchemist then swap for the pyromancer career. Pyromancer gives you two super abilities to see you through the rest of the book. Alchemist gives boost to magic items to help in combats.

    I also advise you keep your speed and magic high and ignore armour because you don't need it at all. With my mage the arena combats were the hardest to finish because of not enough fast damage. Quests first then worry about those hard fights is my tip.

  • Re: Mages

    thanx that is the path I am heading on currently I am an alchemist with a speed of 8 magic 4 I suppose like any other game a mage is difficult at first, again thanx for the input.

  • Re: Mages

    Your magic is really low. By act 2 should be more like 9, 10 plus.

  • Re: Mages

    I don't know how to get my magic higher I grabbed every plus magic item I could find unless I just missed items in act 1, also Im not very far in act 2 yet, I am now speed 9 magic 6 time will tell I suppose but I cant stress enough how much fun the game is!

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