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Topic: Hitting the end game

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  • Hitting the end game

    Hi everyone. I've finished book one with my ranger character. Will there be any new download quests added to book one to continue the story and the character? I spent so much time seriously!! I want to keep on playing my hero!

    I suppose anything new now will be for the second book?

    Will post her stats and gear later on.

  • Re: Hitting the end game

    I'm afraid there won't be any more bonus content for LoS. The bonus quests (Waking the Dead and The Betrayed), which are included in the special edition of the book, are the only extras.

    From a narrative point-of-view, I can't really add further content to LoS, as the story technically continues with HoF.

    There are team battles in HoF where you can link up your first hero with your second to take on epic bosses. So, you get to re-use your hero again and earn some nice rewards for your team.

    There won't be any bonus content for HoF as I managed to pack everything into the book. ;)

  • Re: Hitting the end game

    Figured as much. I'm gonna play through the first book again but have second on order. Looking forward to the team combat!!

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