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Topic: Can i find this game in Canada

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  • Can i find this game in Canada

    I live in Canada more specifiquely in Sherbrooke qu├ębec and would like to know where to buy it locally other then online i want to look at it you know have it in my hands before buy it

  • Re: Can i find this game in Canada

    Hi. The book is only currently published in the UK, so unless you have a local hobby store that might have copies, then online sadly may be your only option for now. There are quite a few US amazon marketplace sellers, who would probably have cheaper shipping to Canada.

    On the amazon page there is a 'Click to Look Inside' feature. Not quite the same as having the book in your hands, but it details the rules and gives a few of the entries, as well as the maps. Same goes for Heart of Fire. Might help you come to a decision.

    Obviously, I'd say - buy the book. ;)

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