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Topic: Help I'm crazy underpowered

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  • Help I'm crazy underpowered

    So I've been going along nicely and now I'm about halfway through second act and I'm starting to face enemies who are way more powerful than me. My current stats are 45 health with 7speed, 8 brawn and 8 armor and now I'm facing enemies with 11 pr 12 speed and 10-11 brawn and 10-12 armor in addition to special abilities. Any advice on what to do next time to avoid this?

    I'm currently trying to beat a guy who has plus 4 speed on me and whenever he wins 2 rounds he deals 10 damage ignoring armor. I'm lucky to win 3 rounds before he kills me.

  • Re: Help I'm crazy underpowered

    Yes, Legion of Shadow can be quite punishing (particularly in Act 2) if you don’t keep on top of your speed attribute. As other players have stated, the priority order for items should really be speed first, then your main damage attribute, followed by armour. (In HoF, this is less rigid as the itemisation is much improved!). It sounds like you might have chosen armour items (with low speed) over items that might have boosted your speed. You don’t want to fall behind, so always keep an eye on the speed (or level, if you wish) of the monsters in your current quest. If they start creeping ahead, then start looking for that next speed item and equip it asap.

    A rough guide for Act 2:
    Green quest – aim for 6-7 speed
    Orange quests – boost to 8-9 speed
    Blue quest – 9-10 speed
    Red quest – boost to 10-11 speed

    Remember that the abilities you choose can also play a part in your choices, as well as your career. Also worth remembering that the legendary monsters and the arena side quest are optional and quite difficult challenges. Not all heroes/builds will be able to complete those.

    Hope that helps. I’m sure other players might chime in with further advice.

  • Re: Help I'm crazy underpowered

    There is further discussion of speed and itemisation in this thread:

  • Re: Help I'm crazy underpowered

    I had a look at my act 2 heroes. For equipment you need +1 speed in head, cloak, chest, and gloves. +2 speed in main hand and off hand and also feet if you can. Try and get a talisman with +1 speed. Speed necklaces don't come until the end of that act. As soon as they do get one. This will give you speed 11 or 12 for the start of act 3. New items got added to to the tinker you might want to look at the downloads page also.

  • Re: Help I'm crazy underpowered

    I think I screwed myself by taking nightbringer as it is 4 brawn and if I get rid of it I lose a lot of brawn since my brawn is 8 it's half of what I have. I have 7 items with speed but only 1 each. Anyway I may have restart yet again and focus solely on speed this time. Kind of stinks that you have to really have a very high speed to stay competitive as it makes other builds besides rogue very difficult to RP. Anyway thanks for advice.

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