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Topic: How do you all keep track of battle stats?

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  • How do you all keep track of battle stats?

    Do you guys just use a piece of paper or do you make a chart? It would probably be easier if you had an organized way to track the damage done at the beginning and end if rounds instead of just doing the math in your head. If anyone has advice on making something that would be great. Thanks.

  • Re: How do you all keep track of battle stats?

    For me personally, I create columns for my hero and each opponent and keep track of their health in those columns. Any passive effects that are in play I write over the applicable column (-2, -3 etc), so I know what damage is being done at the end of each round. For long fights, I sometimes write the abilities I have used.

    In HoF some battles require you to keep a track of the combat round. For this, I just write out a 'track' across the top of the page and tick each combat round once it has ended, so I know how many rounds have passed.

    I'm sure every player has their own method/s.

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