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Topic: Career updates

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  • Career updates

    I was wondering if we're going to see anymore HoF careers. I keep checking back hoping to see if the final few have gone up. Love finding out what they are and guessing their skills. Can't wait for the new book!!

  • Re: Career updates

    I wish for more too but probably doubtful. There was only 9 shown for Legion and the same number have already been revealed for Heart.

  • Re: Career updates

    I love seeing the career updates go live too!

    I had been hoping to provide sneak peeks of all 15 careers from The Heart of Fire, but sadly both my illustrators have become snowed under with big projects so I haven't been able to provide the final six.

    On a more positive note, I'll be uploading the special abilities glossary from HoF later this week, which will give you all the info on the new upcoming abilities.

    Next week, for those of you who have the first version of The Legion of Shadow, I will be making the Betrayed quest (formerly known as The Four Generals) available as a free download also.

    So still lots to look forward to!

  • Re: Career updates

    Sounds good. I was wondering if you were going to be able to post The Betrayed. And special abilities? Oohh... *drool*

    Too bad about the other careers right now. But, we won't have long to wait till the book is here, at least.

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