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Topic: Team battle skills

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  • Team battle skills

    I’ve been working on a team battle character looking at the best skills I think will work well for co op. This is just a theory build and I’m not sure I can get all these skills in one play. I want to look at items next and see if it is possible.

    I chose pyromancer over assassin,so I benefit from ignite and burn. I’ve dropped all combat damage abilities because they don’t scale well against the tougher elites. I took piercing only. The others do attribute reduction lowering armour which benefits all heroes. For survivability I think leech over a heal or regrowth. No speed skills working off the basis that I will be of a decent speed, 15 or 16.

    Fire aura

    Bonus: snakes alive, wind walker, dark claw

  • Re: Team battle skills

    Looks to me a solid build but if your emphasis is passive damage I would opt for the assassin for the deadly poisons skill. Its more bang for your buck than having ignite and burn. You have 13 skills but mage's use up talisman slot remember.

    This is an interesting idea and got me thinking about other caereers. Swordmaster and cavalier could be really deadly in team battle scenarios because they have damage triggering from speed rolls. They don't even need to win to do some damage so they maximise chances of damage if attacking with a team mate.

  • Re: Team battle skills

    Granted I only have 12 abilities, forgot about the talisman. I suppose I should also take embers to up burn damage and drop attraction because I think you can only get that from the Betsy's Compass special card. I have it but I can't equip because I need Core of Flame.

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