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Topic: News update- hardbacks

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  • News update- hardbacks

    Posted a news update on the hardback release of The Heart of Fire:

  • Re: News update- hardbacks

    Any idea what we'll need to do about pre-orders on those? I need to change the address I gave anyway. Maybe I'll cancel and reorder.

  • Re: News update- hardbacks

    Not sure - I assume the retailers will contact people, but might take a few weeks. I'd advise cancelling and re-ordering.

  • Re: News update- hardbacks

    Man that's really disappointing about the hardbacks. I always prefer those when I can get them since they age so much better. Any chance of a limited run collector's hardback?

  • Re: News update- hardbacks

    Yeah, it is a tad disappointing. The decision wasn't mine to make and sadly I don't have any influence over any future decisions regarding DQ hardbacks.

    The LoS hardback has performed really well, so I'd hoped that would guarantee HoF in hardback, but the second book is a bigger offering this time round - that coupled with the colour section, I guess it was just proving too expensive to produce with very small returns for the publisher.

    Perhaps if HoF makes the bestseller lists then we may yet see HB versions in the future (here's hoping, clinging desperately to my +10 Ring of Wishful Thinking)

  • Re: News update- hardbacks

    A real shame that the Hardback version of HoF has been pulled, and I am sure that you are as upset by the publishers decision as your loyal fans are, but these days, money really does talk (unfortunately)!

    I suppose this means that my signed Gollancz HB copy of LoS will just become more and more collectible as time goes on...

    Anyway, onto my main question. I was wondering if you have any lovely little goodies to add to any pre-orders this time?

    For LoS, you had some fantastic (they really were gorgeous) extras (cards, die, bookmarks) for various pre-orders, and I was wondering if you have anything else up your sleeve to offer for pre-orders of HoF?

    Finally, do you think an e-book version of HoF might still be a possibility? or is it far too early to tell yet?

    Thanks, and the very best of luck with the release of HoF in a few weeks time...can't wait!!


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