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Topic: Loot cards, dice?!

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  • Re: Loot cards, dice?!

    Same here. I get my books on the day of release. As excited and stressed as you guys. Maybe for different reasons ;)

    7 days to go. Madness.

  • Re: Loot cards, dice?!

    So the ebay books are going on sale on 1st Feb? Sweet

  • Re: Loot cards, dice?!

    ^ +1 ?

  • Re: Loot cards, dice?!

    So there will be no way of purchasing the cards or dice separately?

    My copy arrived from Amazon today and it looks the business, but now I notice that I could have got the eBay edition with the cards and dice.... so I feel a bit of a sucker! haha
    I guess that's what I get for pre-ordering the book months ago on Amazon and not keeping up to date with news on this site.... 'sob'

  • Re: Loot cards, dice?!

    Well I have resolved my predicament by purchasing the eBay collector's set as well!

    I'm more than happy to buy two copies of this book to support the endeavour!
    That'll be one book for playing with, and one for Sunday best! ;-)

    I still haven't started playing the book yet because I refuse to do so until I receive my special DQ dice! haha

  • Re: Loot cards, dice?!

    That's the type of dedication I like to see!

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