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Topic: Loot cards, dice?!

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  • Loot cards, dice?!

    How do i buy these?!!!!!!!!!!! are they going on sale on the site?

  • Re: Loot cards, dice?!

    I'd like to know also. I like the idea of having cards although I wonder how they work with the book.

  • Re: Loot cards, dice?!

    It'll probably be ebay, going on one of his earlier facebook messages.

  • Re: Loot cards, dice?!

    If the cards are done by the same guy that has done this website then I'm 100% in.

  • Re: Loot cards, dice?!

    Happy New year!

    Yes, loots cards and DQ dice will be available alongside signed copies of the book - available on a first come, first served basis via eBay. Consider these limited edition... Will put details on the buy page as and when.

    Cards and dice will also be available at signing events and through competitions etc throughout the year.

    And yes, D. Fluffy - Paul has done the artwork

  • Re: Loot cards, dice?!

    Are you shipping outside of the UK?

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