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Topic: We ARE prepared!

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  • We ARE prepared!

    DaBoss, I am going to go out on a limb, and challenge your statement that we aren't ready. You know what I say? Bring it on

  • Re: We ARE prepared!

    Hey, was just checking! ;)

  • Re: We ARE prepared!

    So going on that, do both heroes get to loot and can they choose same rewards?

  • Re: We ARE prepared!

    Both heroes get to loot (only one needs to survive the combat). They can also choose the same reward if they wish.

  • Re: We ARE prepared!

    So our LoS hero isn't done yet. I like that idea.

    Related question. Are you planning on doing some Team Battles for DQ3, depending on how the ones in DQ2 are received? Could we see 3 hero battles? (depending on if the DQ1/2 heroes are still alive at the end of the book. Can't rule that out)

  • Re: We ARE prepared!

    I doubt I would do 3 hero battles, just because of the level of management/book-keeping. To that end, I'm also interested to see how popular they are in DQ2. They are only a very minor part of the game/book, but if they are well received then I can certainly ensure their appearance in DQ3.

    In DQ3 I'm toying with making certain battles optional (team battle or normal) - so they can be fought using the full team battle rules (harder combat, better loot) or using your solo hero (easier combat, slightly less epic loot).

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