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Topic: Multiple players

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  • Multiple players

    Hi i was wondering if its possible to play Legion of shadows with 3 people (me and 2 friends) and if possible how to do so.

  • Re: Multiple players

    theres pvp rules on the downloads page. not sure you can really play the book with more than 1 player until the team up battles in HoF.

  • Re: Multiple players

    Yes, I'm afraid the DQ books do not really cater for multiple players.

    As Vood points out, there are some 'hero vs. hero' tournament rules that allow you to duel with other heroes.

    In Heart of Fire, the second book in the series, there is opportunity to 'team up' your heroes to take on epic monsters. Technically, this could be a mate's hero as well as your own.

    I hope that helps!

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