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Topic: Team battle

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  • Re: Team battle

    Did I read it correctly that passives stack? Wow a pair of rogues are going to do some sick damage:bleed, venom, disease, barbs, thorns, fire auras. About 14-16 damage a round!

  • Re: Team battle

    Round 1: 2 Heroes attack. 1 hits.
    Round 2: Other hero attacks, hits.
    Round 3: Death of enemy due to massive passive damage.

    Sounds good to me

  • Re: Team battle

    I wonder what kind of health they will have. Must be quite high to withstand that amount of potential damage!

  • Re: Team battle

    Captain Sanders shares his experience - sign up now for a 'Team Battle' masterclass you'll probably rather forget!

  • Re: Team battle

    Quote: I even seen thieves backstab so hard I thought I saw damage numbers flashing above their heads.


  • Re: Team battle

    Question for Da Boss. Do the heroes have access to each other's potions? I was wondering if they got to swap them or share them out before the fight or whether they could pool them so they both could use?

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