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Topic: Team battle

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  • Re: Team battle

    When we battle with Issakhar I confused. The text is "In this combat, one hero must be attacking Issakhar at all times". Does it means when the support hero smash the shrines he can not roll for attack speed for the duration of the combat and only one can beat Issakhar? Or the two heroes can change who will attack next round and they can not roll for attack speed both in one round?
    I wait for help before I beat Issakhar with cheat

  • Re: Team battle

    One opponent must attack Issachar. Think of it as needing one hero to keep the monster busy - tanking, if you like.

    The other hero can also attack Issachar (and follow the usual team battle rules, rolling for attack speed etc) or attack the shrines.

    If a hero chooses to attack the shrines, they do not need to roll for attack speed. Their attack automatically hits, so they just roll for damage.

    You can make your decision at the start of each combat round as to what each hero does. Heroes can swap roles, both attack, one attack and one support etc.

    Tactics-wise, you would probably want your fastest hero on Issachar, while the slower hero destroys the shrines and activates the buffs. Then you can both pummel the monster to death at the end.

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