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Topic: Team battle

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  • Re: Team battle

    I didn't keep track of my potions for my LoS hero after finishing the new quest. The way it ended made me think that I shouldn't worry about it.

  • Re: Team battle

    Better hope they don't count then!

  • Re: Team battle

    Heroes can only use the potions and items from their own backpack.

  • Re: Team battle

    thief new career?

    That would be v. cool

  • Re: Team battle

    I got that impression too but could be generic for "rogues". From what I read there I'm making some assumptions and wild guesses:

    1. Our regular passives are back and some new ones as well - gouge?
    2. Runecasters let heroes reuse abilities
    3. New abilities for team battles. Linked to path? Stagger ability for warriors? Backstab for rogues?
    4. More heal spells and buffs?

    I'm not clear on aggro management. I don't see why you wouldn't want both heroes just fighting all the time. Unless one hero had poor speed but both attacking still makes more sense.

  • Re: Team battle

    Added the team battle rules to the downloads page:

    (Re-uploaded after tweaking some of the text...)

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