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Topic: Team battle

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  • Team battle

    Will you be able to team up two heroes from Bk2 to fight the epic bosses or are you restricted to only to have a Bk1 and Bk2 hero? I was planning on playing through Bk2 with my younger brother and then we could join yup heroes for the team battles. We will be able to do this ?

  • Re: Team battle

    The battles are designed (and balanced) around using a hero from HoF and a hero from LoS. There are also narrative reasons for this too.

    There's nothing stopping you using your LoS heroes (if you have them) to help each other out in the Team Battles - get some nice bonus loot!

  • Re: Team battle

    Good to get a clearer picture of how the team battles are going to work. I specially like the idea of having support and attack heroes. I suppose this will allow for healing careers to stay out of the line of fire while they heal and buff the other hero?

    The overview you gave has left me confused about speed abilities. If both heroes are choosing to attack can they both use speed abilities? If they both had knockdown for instance could they remove both dice from play? Also if only one hero is attacking can both heroes use speed abilities still?

    I assume all this will be made clear when we see the full rules. Can't wait!

  • Re: Team battle

    If both heroes choose to attack then, yes, they can both use speed abilities. If they were both to use an ability like knockdown, then they would essentially eliminate the opponent from rolling any speed dice. (That would use up two abilities though, remember!)

    If a hero is in a supporting role, they cannot use any speed or combat abilities - only modifier abilities.

  • Re: Team battle

    Speed-wise, that round sounds like a fairly normal round. But, instead of only 2, you can have 3 rolls. Each hero would apply speed skills to himself only. And then whoever has the highest speed roll (hero1, hero2, opponent) is the one who attacks. So, you actually have a better chance of hitting with 2 heroes.

    As for modifiers. Am I right to say that the support hero can only use modifier skills? I wouldn't be able to use a speed skill on the hero attacking?

    Edit: my question is null and void. I had the page open for a while and missed that Da Boss answered. Scratch that.

  • Re: Team battle

    Yep, combat runs very similar to normal combat - you just have an extra hero and their abilities to juggle.

    Having said that, each Team Battle encounter is different. So, the combat phase may differ a little depending on the foe you are fighting.

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