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Topic: Speed is controlled

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  • Speed is controlled

    For Da Boss. I read the news post and wondered what you meant when you said speed would be controlled in the second book. Does this mean we will get speed by other ways other than items? I think items could be boring if there is only brawn and armour - or magic and armour to play around with. How would this balance with the first book?

  • Re: Speed is controlled

    Yes, that comment was probably a little vague!

    Items will still have speed; what I meant by 'controlled' is that speed is introduced through certain item slots, building up over time (usually main hand, left hand, then boots, gloves, chest, cloak etc) so that it will be balanced across all paths, and allow players to 'level' up their speed easier. If, through their choices, a player misses a few choice points of speed, then usually there will a good 'buffer' item that can be purchased from vendors to help in any shortfall.

    In most cases, players 'should' have equal or more speed than their opponents' (unless they are purposely choosing harder quests or going after harder challenges). Of course, this will depend on build and choice of items - sometimes slower items will have better abilities etc.

  • Re: Speed is controlled

    Great news! Falling behind on speed, and not having enough money for potions are my bugvears with LoS I love the writing and general variety of quests, I think the introduction of the abilities and immunities helps keep things fresh and adds variety to it, but would rate it as particulqrly challenging. Looking forward to The Heart of Fire coming out

  • Re: Speed is controlled

    On the flipside I hope the HOF isn't going to be too easy. I actually liked the difficulty level of the first one, the challenge kept me coming back to try new heroes and builds. I'd be bored if combat was just facerolling through stuff. At the very least I'd love the team co op battles to remain tough and keep the difficulty high if they have the best rewards.

  • Re: Speed is controlled

    Saw mention of the HOFF and couldn't resist


  • Re: Speed is controlled

    My mind is still reeling from that video...!

    @Typhon Frustration vs. challenge is always going to be a tough one to get perfect. With computer games, at least, you can 'turn up' the difficulty by selecting different modes - so that satisfies everyone. Not so easy with a printed gamebook.

    All I can say is, don't worry. There are lots of challenging elements to HoF to keep expert players happy. Not all of the challenge comes through combat, I hasten to add. There are lots of extras - side quests, collectibles etc. It should, fingers crossed, please a wider margin of player types. I hope!

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