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Topic: random encounters, loot farming

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  • random encounters, loot farming

    Hello just to say I've had my first evening playing LoS, and have got to a point where my character is weaken than he needs to be, with only act 1 blue and above quests available. Tomorrow I will start my character again. But the point I'd like to raise is that there isn't much for people to do if they get stuck, as your character continually respawns and you are advised to either buy more potions or try another quest, I had thought there might be more opportunities to make some money or do mini-quests. Whilst I can see that DaBoss doesn't want ppl to farm the quests for money-loot , I personally think that having some pocket money quests would be beneficial, even if it was the ability to roam the forest to encounter random creatures at the roll of a die. To avoid farming there could be a codeword or FabledLands style tick box to stop you doing them after X amount of goes. That's just my humble suggestion.

  • Re: random encounters, loot farming

    Welcome to the forum.

    Yes, I agree that having some mini/money quests would be good. I was contemplating a repeatable quest for DQ3 - but really comes down to whether people would want to do that. I think if the randomness of encounters was pulling from a large enough table, it could be interesting.

    I think the problem with Act 1 LoS is that players, quite rightly, probably pick up magic and brawn items on their first play through. This can make one stat too weak to progress - you really need to focus on one or the other from the start (which should be made a little clearer in the rules). In HoF this isn't a problem as more items have both, so feasibly you can have a decent amount of both magic and brawn before you decide to specialise (as warrior, mage or rogue).

    Did you find the blue quest in the village - Down the well? It is probably a little easier than The Black Book (the church quest).

    Alternatively, there might be a legendary monster you can beat, to grab a nice upgrade. Humbaroth has low speed - so some lucky rolling might see you through...

  • Re: random encounters, loot farming

    Thanks for the tips Mike, turns out that due to it being a late night I hadn't bookkept a pt of speed properly, blush! So have 4 spd not 3. Althgugh I think my point still standsgain . Will try well quest again

  • Re: random encounters, loot farming

    you can have 5 or 6 spoeed by that part

    leaders edge main hand
    rennies slicer left hand
    patchwork cloak (vendor)
    weather hat
    ratskin boots or the goblins kickers

  • Re: random encounters, loot farming

    Cheers for the hints Konundrum, my character now has 7 speed did red quest followed by church quest and is about to take on the giant legendary monster! But time to get some fo
    od in RL

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