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Topic: Heart of Fire

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  • Heart of Fire

    That was a great post and full of info on the new book. Really excited!

    One thing occurs to me. With the extra abilities, legendary items and the runes/dyes/glyphs that you mention, are the Heart heroes going to end the book more powerful than the Legion heroes? Its got me wondering how they will compare and also support each other in team battles.

  • Re: Heart of Fire

    The HoF heroes will have less core stats - brawn and magic - than the LoS hero, but will have more special abilities. They balance out and should be fairly 'even' in terms of strength.

    I'll post about Team Battles nearer the release date, with more info on how they work etc.

  • Re: Heart of Fire

    Lower stats? Interesting. I guess that does make some sense. The DQ1 character does seem to be extremely powerful. That will be interesting to see how it all works out.

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