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Topic: FF challenger?

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  • FF challenger?

    I went back and read some of those old fighting fantasy books I had. A few have stood the test of time but many are really poor by today's standards.

    I'm sure there are readers like me who have alot of nostalgia for this type of thing. If DQ has cracked it and produced something taht feels new and interesting, but has all the fun of the old FF book --- wow, that I want to play.

    Wish DQ lots of luck with this. If it lives upto the promise, it deserves to do very well.

  • Re: FF challenger?

    Thanking you very muchly ;) If you like the ff books then I suggest you take a look at the latest ones by Jonathan Green (ex-Black Library writer for Games Workshop). They're pretty good, although overly tough in places.

    Oh wait... but buy my book first, though, of course!

  • Re: FF challenger?

    the last one i played was curse of the mummy and it was BAD! some of the combats are too hard and the puzzles are impossible. you need to collect loads of items to solve them but they can be really hidden. if you miss just one then you die and have to start again. i played it about 6 times and then gave up. made me MAD! lol

  • Re: FF challenger? was the memory of "Warlock of...", "City of...", "Forest of..." that drove me here. Good times.

    I just ordered DQ, I can't imagine what possessed me to want to READ A BOOK thity years later (are the graphics any good?), but I'm absurdly excited to try it.


    PS What actually drove me here directly - never having heard of DQ until an hour ago - was your ad in PCG. I'm sure you want to track these things to the extent that tracking is possible. I expect my tenner pays for that ad all on its own, of course

  • Re: FF challenger?

    I used to have a long shelf full of FF books. One long length of garish green spines (although one or two of the earlier books I had found at jumble sales and the like, and were the older releases with different coloured spines.... ruined the effect for my collection!).

    I haven't tried one of those old FF books for years and years. I did play the iPhone app version of the first one, Warlock of Firetop Mountain quite recently and enjoyed it, but the second half of the book is an infuriating labyrinth which really requires you to draw a map as you go! Too much effort!

    So far, from what I've played of DQ (about half of act one) I can safely say that it is more involving and satisfying than any FF book I remember.

  • Re: FF challenger?

    The newer Fighting Fantasy books by Jonathan Green are certainly better. Some of the older books are still good, but, yes, some Fighitng Fantasy books weren't great.

    I've just ordered my Destiny Quest book - it has been mentioned on both the Fabled Lands Blog and Andrew Wright's blog. I'm looking forward to reading it.

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