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Topic: Bonus Act 2 items

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  • Bonus Act 2 items

    The tinker's just returned with a new haul of treasures. Don't delay, check out what she has for offer - first come, first served!

    The tavern tinker:

  • Re: Bonus Act 2 items

    Some slick items there. Need to pull out my book to see what it's replacing now. Heck, need to pull out my book to play. I've been itching to and haven't been able to.

  • Re: Bonus Act 2 items

    The bonus items are really there to help newer DQ players who might be struggling with the difficulty in Act 2. These should make it easier for them to progress and enjoy the later content.

  • Re: Bonus Act 2 items

    Really good additions.
    The cape looks the best in my view for stats, ability, and value. I would take that over kagaddour's cloak for rogue and warrior. Chest piece isn't shabby either.

  • Re: Bonus Act 2 items

    don't give the noobs any help, make them suffer! ;)

  • Re: Bonus Act 2 items

    Can I ask more experienced players. What are the best mage gloves for act 2 of the book?

    I thought the hydra gloves but now found there are some you get from becoming champion of the arena. They don't have speed so I wonder are the new gloves better and worth the money??

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