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Topic: New careers ideas

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  • New careers ideas

    Hello !

    I post here a new career I made, please let me know what you think about it (sorry for my english I'm french )

    Chronomancer (Mage)

    Rewind time (sp) restart the combat from the beginning or flee, you get back all backpack items used in the combat. You can only use Rewind time once per combat.

    Déjà vu (sp) lock the dice you rolled for your speed, you use them normally this round and can reuse them for your speed in a future round of this combat. You can only use Déjà vu once per combat.

  • Re: New careers ideas

    Very good ideas, especially as the chronomancer will be making an appearance in Book 4 (Déjà Vu was actually the title of an ability I was toying with - so great minds think alike...)

    Rewind time seems a bit powerful for a career ability! But wait for Book Two to see something along the same lines... Can't say more on that at the moment.

    And your Déjà vu ability is a good one. There is a similar ability in Book Two called silver frost, where you can lock your opponent's speed dice - and also abilities where you can lock your own dice too.

    A chronomancer has a lot of potential ;)

  • Re: New careers ideas

    Now I have to ask. How much do you have mapped out for the rest of the books? A general plot and some of the career ideas that you'd like to create?

  • Re: New careers ideas

    Difficult one to answer. Originally I had outline plans (include plot points, characters and some rough careers) for seven books - but as I have tweaked and added to the first two books (all that crazy creative process stuff), it has sort of thrown my plan a little off kilter (in a good way, I hasten to add). So, whereas I know where all this is headed (roughly), the journey may well be a little different to what I expected.

    What is most difficult about gamebooks is that you are telling a story just from one person's viewpoint. Therefore, each book takes careful planning to ensure that the 'grander events' are being shown as well as progressing the other plot threads. It's actually quite tricky when you can't do the usual novel technique of jumping to another character/location. So that also means that some things have been changing (and will change) as I work through the books.

    Nothing is set in stone, so yes I do have career ideas for the other books (based mainly on location/zones that will feature), but they'll probably change or get swapped around.

  • Re: New careers ideas

    How many careers are there in total in The Heart of Fire? Is it always going to be 15 careers in each book?

    Can't wait!

  • Re: New careers ideas

    Yes, 15 careers in DQ2. Not sure what the count will be in subsequent books.

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