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Topic: Just started playing...

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  • Just started playing...

    And I'm stuck I've done all the green quests in act 1 and now I can't do the 2 orange ones, I got eaten by the ruffians, and killed by their leader, and the other quest killed me too, how do I get past this? My skills are speed 2, brawn 1, magic 1, armour 2. And I only have 4 coins.

    I'm really enjoying this but I don't want to have to start again, is there something I've missed? There's all these things about choosing a class and profession, but I haven't found any of that, is that right?

  • Re: Just started playing...

    I read the forum a bit and did what some other ppl suggested, I went and changed a quest item I chose for a different one, I swapped my crow feet for the left hand weapon, I managed to beat the ruffians now is this cheating? The crow quest was the last quest I just did (b4 all the dying)

  • Re: Just started playing...

    Sounds to me like you were lacking damage there, not enough brawn or magic. Did you do the pie quest and get the potions? They can help. Think people will cheat. I did occasionally if I got a enemy to 5 or less then I died. Sometimes I would fudge a last roll. But not too often

  • Re: Just started playing...

    I got the potions, but I forgot to use them, I think I horded them too much, I'm too use to other gamebooks I think lol. I think I also just had some really unlucky rolling going on, I picked up the game again with my sister last night and had a much better go at it, I've now done both orange quests too and have really good brawn and speed, I hope I get to choose my class soon, I think I'm going to chose warrior or rogue, I think rogue because speed seems like the best stat
    Thanks for your help!

  • Re: Just started playing...

    Yes, find ways to boost your Brawn or Magic (depending on what type of character you are playing). Don't put stuff into both (you will find items with +1 Brawn and +1 Magic, so not counting those) or you will stretch yourself really thin.

  • Re: Just started playing...

    Don't play a warrior. Go rogue. Much easier

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