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Topic: Heart of Fire careers

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  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    LOL, would like to be a venommancer and kick the Snake Charmer from The Seven Serpent's into next week!

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    Thats my pick of the bunch, love it.

    Wish the career page showed male and female versions lol. I see the male version like Jospeh Gilgun from Lockout, all tattooes and scary class A drugs stare.


  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    I believe you can be male or female in the first book.

    Correct. The hero in DQ1 and DQ2 is 'genderless' in that I don't reference 'he' or 'she' in the text. A problem with continuity that I ably sidestepped by introducing Lorcan in 'The Betrayed' quest.

    In DQ3 you will play an actual specific character, rather than a generic hero.

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    That makes sense. So we could see something similar happen to the DQ2 hero. Or maybe that poor soul is destined for destruction?

    As for DQ3, that sounds like you're taking the route of Dragon Age 2 almost. Something where you can refer to the hero by name. Reminds me of Quest for Glory where, after QFG2 your character was called the Prince of Shapier by many characters. Or just Hero in general.

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    Or maybe that poor soul is destined for destruction?

    Cue evil 'mwha ha ha ha ha haaaaa ha ha' laughter ;)

    The 'named' hero thing for DQ3 is really a story/narrative decision more than anything else. It lets me tailor the content better and make more of a 'meaningful' journey as you will have taken this character from their 'beginnings' to their... end.


    But you do get to change the name, I should add.

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    Great! If I remember, I'm calling him/her/it Sharkbait!

    Sharkbait! Hoo ha ha!

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