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Topic: Heart of Fire careers

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  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    Rogue ninja assassin snake charming venomancer?! I'll take it

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    right now I'm picking pariah then venomancer, guess dpends on special abilities :0

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    I wonder, does choice of faction decide what careers you can train later in the book? Can a pilgrim become a venomancer for instance, as well as the pariah ?

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    Choice of faction will not restrict you on later careers. Faction only influences your first choice of career in Act 1.

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    Venommancer, sounds cool, the illustration makes me LOL but in a good way, it is cute but fierce, and also a woman!? Is this a hint we may be able to choose the character's gender?

  • Re: Heart of Fire careers

    I believe you can be male or female in the first book. I don't think there are any references to gender and I've seen some female "avatars" in the upload hero forum.

    Mohican tattooed biker chicks with snakes are cute??! Suppose its personal taste!

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