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Topic: New errata in new book ?

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  • New errata in new book ?

    First I want to say hello from France, some of us really like Destiny Quest, and I'm a huge fan myself.Great job Da Boss ! ;)

    Now I have a question regarding new book:

    Entry 671 => you have dark claw ability, you are The Champion of light and can start a new bonus quest at entry 798

    Entry 780 => you have bright shield ability and you are The Champion of Light too and can start the same bonus quest at entry 798

    Is this correct ?

    In the first edition, at entry 671 the hero was titled The Betrayer.

  • Re: New errata in new book ?

    Another question concerning entry 861 and Styraxian steed, his armour stat is 16/6, but the Blindside special ability of that foe says that his armour is 6 or 18. So the armour stat is 16/6 or 18/6 ?

  • Re: New errata in new book ?

    See, we put these errors in to make the first edition printing more valuable and collectible ;-)

    Yes, good spots. Entry 671, you should be The Betrayer . To be honest, it is only an issue if you have the loot cards.

    The styraxian steed - the armour value of 16 is correct. It was lowered to make the combat quicker and easier (but evidently the rules text didn't get updated accordingly).

    Will add these to the sticky thread!

    Hope you're enjoying the new book despite the odd gremlin

  • Re: New errata in new book ?

    Yes I still love that great book, thank you again Michael !

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