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Topic: First? New Book

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  • First? New Book

    Doubt Im the first but my book arrived yesterday - was amazed all over again by the size of it!! And I’ve finished the new quest. Its fun and gives you a more interesting end than the original one. I think some people might be disappointed it is only a bunch of hard fights tied together with some basic choices but the combats are VERY difficult.

    There are two that have a new timed tactic I thought was cool. The quest is bigger than you think but to see it your going to need multiple heroes. I had a warrior and mage and the mage gets extra options for an awesome fight which was very exciting. Like the end of star wars!!

    The loot won’t let you down. Everything I found has powerful stats and there are unlockable abilities also. You need to keep trying the special achievemnts to get the better items. High damage heroes are better here I think, because the achievements need you to kill monsters in a certain number of rounds. I haven’t looked at the rest of the book yet so I haven't noticed if there are more items added.

    This has got me excited for book two. The ending is very interesting!

  • Re: First? New Book

    I didn't find the warrior gear particularly overpowered but I suppose I "could" have ended up with speed 17 and brawn 30 for my shadow ranger which seemed a bit dumb. I took the cool new bow and a nice ring with kick start ability. I ended the game actually losing a point of speed and only gaining a couple of points of brawn but my hero has stronger overall abilities. Shame I had to pass on the sword (+6 brawn)!!

    I can't wait to try windwalker. For heroes with haste or cats speed that will be serious punishment I think.

  • Re: First? New Book

    What speed are the enemies in the new quest, out of interest?

  • Re: First? New Book

    Mostly 14 and 15 from what I remember.

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