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Topic: New to game

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  • New to game

    Just wanted to post and say hello. I just picked up my book a week ago and am thoroughly enjoying it. Just a quick question that I think I know the answer to, but just wanted to double check...Are you allowed to redo quests? I'm guessing probably not, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks and see you all in Valeron

  • Re: New to game

    If you complete a quest you can't rerun it and do it again. If you die due to a combat you are allowed to return to it where you died and fight the combat again.

  • Re: New to game

    Hi Fidgit

    Glad you're enjoying the book. Yes, you can only do each quest once, otherwise we'd have players farming them again and again for loot ;-)

    Just curious, did you get a copy of the new version of LoS? I know some copies have already been sent out.

    Anyway, hope you continue to enjoy your adventures in Valeron!

  • Re: New to game

    Ok thanks. That's what I figured, but just wanted to be sure. And yes, I have the new paperback of LoS. I was actually on vacation in Wales and saw it there and just had to get it!

  • Re: New to game

    With all due respect to da boss, who is mighty and wise - surely, it's your book and you can do what you want...?

    If you wanted to do the same quest over and over again to rack up the gold pieces, you could, but what would be the point? It's a solo game, nobody knows!

    Having said that, I'm not very far into the game, but discovered that I'd let my speed too far behind my other stats, so I could never hit anything. As a result, I popped back to a couple of quests to alter my choice of items.

    I'm not sure what the alternatives were - keep playing until the dice eventually favoured me? Give up and start again? Within ten minutes I was back playing again, and enjoying the story.

    I imagine there are many ways of playing through this book. Some of us will be scrupulously honest and others will read through without ever touching their character sheet. Most of us, I suspect, will fall somewhere in the middle. I for one am interested in the narrative flow, and have limited time to read, so every now and then I miss out a fight, because for me, that's just rolling dice. I'm still loving the book.

  • Re: New to game

    I think I did that once. I realized I picked an item that I didn't want. I found the section, and switched my loot back around. I'll also admit that I did some replaying on one quest in Act 3 to get the results I wanted.

    I guess I fall into a similar camp. Yes, I follow the rules. But I'm not above tweaking them for my own needs. So yes, you could replay quests if you wanted. It is against the rules of the game, but as long as you know that, and can accept that you are tweaking the game as you need to and still have fun with it, then I think it's alright.

    Also know that a lot of us will notice if you have more than one item from a quest when you should have 1 (if you post your hero)

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