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Topic: Bookmarks

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  • Bookmarks

    Your prayers to the one god have been answered.

    SPOILERS! (Actually wonder if I should have put this in the spoiler area, ah well)

    Gallant defenders
    1 speed 3 brawn
    Heal Iron will
    You can equip this item when you defeat the Brothers Grimm

    Vampire's bite
    2 brawn
    You can equip this item when you defeat the Count.

    Beacon of faith
    2 speed 3 magic
    Heal Surge
    You can equip this item when you learn the Medic Career.

    Book of the Dead
    3 speed 4 magic
    You can equip this item when you defeat Zul Ator.

  • Re: Bookmarks

    Nice! Are there requirements on the items for when to equip them? And an explanation of Haunt ability?

  • Re: Bookmarks

    Haunt might be a new ability. DaBoss said one of them had a new ability that is found in the new quest (had been called the Four Generals, it 'finishes' the story of the Legion). We'll have to wait a bit to find out what it does.

  • Re: Bookmarks

    If its a new ability sometimes its written on the card, like the vitriol ability on bubbling bile.

  • Re: Bookmarks

    No description for haunt. Added the other stuff to my original post

  • Re: Bookmarks

    Damn. Now I'm curious about haunt as I really like that item for my necromancer. I have the new book preordered (with bookmarks! ) but bit unfair if you have the old edition.

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