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Topic: Pickpocket?

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  • Pickpocket?

    Are you allowed to tell us about the Pickpocket changes that you've mentioned? I'm playing through as a Rogue right now, and that's probably one I'll pick on the way. Of course, the current one is really nice. Should be able to pick up a lot of money and equipment...

  • Re: Pickpocket?

    I can't give specifics at this stage (or my editor will unleash the +7 Sword of Doom) but I'll give you some hints. The loot master is tweaked rather than changed, and translates to more gold rather than more choice. The other ability is brand new and allows you to "tailor" your character so that you keep hold of some of the abilities you like best.

    Pickpocket has become a rather cool career, rather than a "filler".

  • Re: Pickpocket?

    Obviously you can't confirm this. But as a fan, I'll go with the abilities:

    Loot Master: You may take loot 2 (all might be overpowered) items, and if you don't keep one, you sell it for 20 gold. (less than the alchemist who gets 30 when switching equip)

    Master Tailor: You have learned how to take abilities from one item and incorporate them into another. The transferred ability removes the original. (You can only transfer abilities that you have, not ones you might gain from a new item)

    Not sure if that's too overpowered. But from your description, that's what comes to mind. And yes, that is no longer a filler career if it's anything like that.

  • Re: Pickpocket?

    No comment... ;-)

  • Re: Pickpocket?

    If its true that you can transfer abilities then i'm rerolling my hero when i get the new edition!

    Will it work with weapons I wonder? I reckon the tailor hint might refer only to clothes slots. i'd love to transfer leech and piercing over from dagger to dagger

  • Re: Pickpocket?

    Your guesswork wasn't far wrong, Rithe

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