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Topic: Eastercon

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  • Eastercon

    I'm already there. George R R Martin are you kidding?

    New loot cards?? I missed the originals so I'll be after anything that's going! I sound such a fan boy lol

  • Re: Eastercon


    Is the new book going to be on sale at the show?

  • Re: Eastercon

    Is the new book going to be on sale at the show?

    Sadly, no. The new edition of The Legion of Shadow won't be available until 17 May. However, I do believe Gollancz will be selling some copies of my self-published version at the show.

  • Re: Eastercon

    Just be sure to post info on these cards, if they're new. Always fun to see these.

  • Re: Eastercon

    hey dude i want to go on aventures cause im new could u tell me how

  • Re: Eastercon

    I would check out the 'how to play' section for more info on the DestinyQuest books, or the 'buy' page if you wish to purchase.

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