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Topic: Digital Version

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  • Digital Version

    I like the sound of the digital version. One question on the random items that you're introducing. Will those be obtainable in the special edition as well, or just the digital?

    Seems you want to make it hard on my Char Sheet app, hehe.

    Of course, that's if you are able to talk about such things, yet...

  • Re: Digital Version

    It is early days and everything is subject to change, but at this point in time, the initial app release will be the original book, without the extra bits (Waldo, Waking the Dead, Gorgis and The Betrayed). Those extra bits (including the new quest) are exclusive to the print special edition for its release. They may become an expansion pack to bolt onto your original app at a later date.

    In terms of rewards, yes the app version (due to its digital platform) will have more loot that doesn't feature in the print version - with randomised drop values (like Warcraft). It also gives more opportunity to tailor rewards to your path and career.

  • Re: Digital Version

    Well, you do need something to balance out (potentially) no Waldo, so that's understandable.

    And random loot sounds fun. I'm sure you guys have cooked up some great stuff for us. Thanks for the tidbits!

  • Re: Digital Version

    Can't wait. If there is a Kindle version I will buy it day one.

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