How to speed up combat

Hhmm - that's odd: I've registered an account at this forum back in August, but now the system refuses to know my email-adress or password. It even won't send me an email after i've clicked on the "i forgot my password" button. So i have to register again...

Anyway - back to topic.

I like this book a lot, but there is one thing i'm really mad about at the moment: Combat takes way too long! Especially when the stats of both combatants are more or less equal and the number of hit points are relatively high on both sides. I'm now in the middle of act 2 and it isn't much fun to fight an enemy with 40 or 60 hit points (or eve more) with a brawn or magic skill of 8 against an armour of 8, 9 or 10!

So i've changed the combat system a little bit:

Half the number of hit points on both sides and roll for damage with 2d6. This might sound radical at first, but it works very well and it speeds up combat a lot. A 5-10 minutes fight now takes only a couple of rounds and the fight is still very challenging.

Give it a try...