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Topic: DQ 2nd Edition speculation

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  • DQ 2nd Edition speculation

    So, Da Boss mentioned that there are around 939 sections in the new edition of DQ Book 1. I did some math to figure out how many sections that would make the (former) Four Generals quest: around 60.

    That is taking account for all current sections in the book and the downloads. I was under the assumption that this final quest would be large. Although, 60 sections isn't small... Maybe there has been some streamlining of quests and sections?

    My other thought, the Four Generals name. As there are no longer Four generals, it seems, I propose a new name: The Two and a Half Generals.

    In any case, I'm excited to hear more info. Now, to see about finishing that online Character sheet...

  • Re: DQ 2nd Edition speculation

    Hmm 60 entries? I was disappointed to read that but I took a look at the quest maps and they average about 50 entries for some of the better ones. I suppose we need to wait and see. There could be changes elsewhere maybe or the extra quest is more fight driven and less choices like battle of the bone fields? I'm just elated we getting all the web quests in book format

  • Re: DQ 2nd Edition speculation

    (Puts on best Yoda voice): "Judge me by size, do you?"

  • Re: DQ 2nd Edition speculation

    Awe, and all I can think of are jokes relating to Lord Farquaad in Shrek.

    I will say, though. Waking the Dead has a major split. There are 2 main paths, so it is probably abnormally big because of that. I'll guess that the branches in 2 1/2 Generals aren't quite so drastic.

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