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Topic: Publisher News

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  • Publisher News

    Now we can finally say congratulations on the publisher! That is exciting. Now we should be hearing news on some of the other things going on, like 4 Generals, Kindle, and other things?

  • Re: Publisher News

    Aye big congrats on the book deal. Now give us some real news. Four generals and loot cards! Ha ha

  • Re: Publisher News

    Congratulations on the publisher deal! I look forward to reading all of your new books in future .

  • Re: Publisher News

    So happy for you dude!! I can't wait for more DQ!

    When are the loot cards going on sale? I don't want to miss em

  • Re: Publisher News

    The loot card decks should be on sale Thursday or Friday this week ;)

  • Re: Publisher News

    I'm so pleased for you! Very well deserved and I'm sure the books will do brilliantly. A global phenomenon in the making!

    Who said playing computer games was bad for you?

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