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Topic: Loot cards???

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  • Re: Loot cards???

    Brilliant. Ordered my Loot set & Dice. It looks an awesome set, and easily worth the £7.99 asking price.

    Can't wait. I hope that everyone who wants one is successful (5 sets already sold in just over an hour...this isn't going to last long!)

    Well done on getting back into the modern age too, with your new fangled internet thing up and running


  • Re: Loot cards???

    Welcome back! Just ordered my dice and cards. oh yes!!!!!!

  • Re: Loot cards???

    Got my set as well. I feel like such a geek

  • Re: Loot cards???

    Join the party

  • Re: Loot cards???

    Target acquired

    Oh and welcome back to the land of the living lol

  • Re: Loot cards???

    Ordered mine Happy to get the crown and compass at long last for my tanking hero.

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