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Topic: DQ Data Spreadsheet

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  • DQ Data Spreadsheet

    Ok, I got the Destiny Quest Spreadsheet up and running in Google Docs. There are 7 Sheets: Books, Paths, Abilities, Quests, Titles, Careers, and Items. They are in an order of simplest, to most complex.
    *edit#2*It is available again. No enemies or enemy abilities right now. If it is decided that it would be fun to have those, we'll add them in the future.*/edit#2*
    *edit*I unshared it to make some changes. I should have a new share later once things are ready to go.*/edit*

    It is shared for anyone who has the link. I don't know if you need to be signed into a Google Account or not. It looks like you just have to have the link. We'll see how that works, and I can change the permissions if need be.

    Many of the Sheets are dependent on the previous sheets. For instance, Items use the list of Player Abilities to select from. Items and Enemies are found in a certain Quest, etc. So, please start populating the data on the low end of things, probably the best would be Player Abilities and then Quests. Enemy Abilities could be added as Enemies are.

    I have all the Card Items in the spreadsheet already, so it's just book items needed now.

    In general, I've included things that probably don't need added, like Books and Paths. But, more data is better than not enough (and Books allows for growth of the series). If their are fields that anyone things are needed, please add them. We might need some more for Enemy Abilities. Also, I have a field for Enemy Companion for the cases where you fight more than one enemy. But, we'll probably need more than that.

    When you find incorrect data, just change it. And I know there is some. Ranger's aren't found in the Act 2 Quest, Waking the Dead, for instance.

    So, thanks to everyone who adds data. This will help take some pressure off me for creating a custom data entry system. And now, all the data is obviously open.

  • Re: DQ Data Spreadsheet

    I would have thought there would be some serious copyright issues making Mr. Ward's countless hours of work publicly available in such a manner (even if the data is just a subset of his copyrighted work). But I'm no lawyer or expert on this.

  • Re: DQ Data Spreadsheet

    I don't have a problem with this, as such, as I see this becoming something of a wikipedia style resource/hero sheet, where people can try out and examine different builds by swapping items etc. (i.e. nothing different to what people have access to anyway by viewing the glossary and the player builds forum). Sort of like a DestinyQuest Armoury.

    However, with that in mind, I don't feel there needs to be sections for enemies and their abilities? That seems to be taking it a little beyond just making it an 'interactive hero sheet'. I'm not sure how that data would be relevant to this exercise. I'm very much seeing this as something item driven, so players can populate a hero sheet with the information relevant to the hero they are playing.

    EDIT: and yes, Black Rain should be a combat(co) ability. I'll get the online glossary updated this weekend.

  • Re: DQ Data Spreadsheet

    Hmmm... I think you're right. I'm probably getting ahead of myself.

    FabLandFan, it's like WoWHead, or sites like that for World of Warcraft. The data and such is still owned and copyrighted by Blizzard.

    Along the lines of WoWHead, I guess I started to think that it could be that sort of tool. I think you're right in that I'm getting ahead of myself. It would be fun, but I should focus on the items and such, first.

    I might unshare it for a bit to rework a few things, and confirm a few things with Da Boss as well.

  • Re: DQ Data Spreadsheet

    In case you don't see the edit, the spreadsheet is available again. Please start adding entries as you can. I'm away for Labor Day, and didn't bring my book, so I might add something like Waldo or Waking the Dead data. We'll see if I get a chance.

  • Re: DQ Data Spreadsheet

    Just so people know, I've gotten all the Abilities (minus a lot of descriptions) on the sheet. I have 3 of the quests so far (the downloads, none from the book). All card items are in, as well as the items from Waking the Dead and Waldo. It looks a lot better with data in there, I must say.

    The main thing now are getting the Ability descriptions (I'm doing a copy/paste from the download), book Quests, Careers and Items.

    Thanks to everyone who is able to help!

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