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Topic: Death is not the end...?

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  • Death is not the end...?

    I just read your News post titled 'Death is not the end...?' and wanted to say that I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts spelled out so clearly and thoroughly.

    When I first discovered this rule I was very surprised, and set out with the intention of playing your gamebook with a no-deaths character like I do with other gamebooks. As I read and played the book though I came to love your system, and see how it worked well with your style of tactical/strategic combat gameplay.

    I do play with one custom variation of your rules though. When I die I force myself to remove any consumable items I was carrying. I tend to be a horder (which is not good for this style of gamebook with such a restrictive carrying limit). And I tend to avoid using consumables (saving them for later when I might really need them - at least that's my backwards thinking - I know it is contradictory). So this rules variation ensures that I do actually use consumables even for 'easy' fights that I might get unlucky dice rolls, and I find I enjoy the book more as a result.

  • Re: Death is not the end...?

    Phew! Thank you! It is good to get some positive praise about the 'death system'. I've been reading quite a few negative posts on various forums, which was starting to make me question the whole game system! I'm glad that there are people out there who understand why the game functions as it does.

    I think part of the problem is that many traditional gamebook readers are not used to DestinyQuest being an 'action' gamebook, in that the combat is as vital to the narrative of your adventure as the actual descriptive sections. Once players are mid-way through Act 2 and are juggling ten or more abilities, and seeing how they interact and support each other and their careers, then I think the death system (or lack of) speaks for itself. Often, you need a few attempts to get through a fight, because of the sheer amount of options available to you. Not to mention the quirks of dice rolling and probability...

    I'm also glad that players are finding their own means of incorporating penalties - if they feel they need that 'slap on the hand' for losing a combat.

    So, just wanted to say a big thank you for the positive feedback. Cheered me up!

  • Re: Death is not the end...?

    I've read some of those also and have been amazed by one blogger who criticised the lack of a "penalty system" but then freely admits in his next post to cheating his way through a combat in the first act.

    Anything that is new is going to receive a range of diverse opinions. I personally love what Destiny Quest is doing but I understand that it is not to all tastes. I do reckon that some of the people who are criticising the game probably need to play the book more. I don't think act one is a great representation of the rest of the book.

  • Re: Death is not the end...?

  • Re: Death is not the end...?

    Cut the man some slack. he seems to like the book but is less sure of the gamery parts of it. I can accept that as I've not played this type of book before. But i've played through dq three times now as all three classes and each time had a completely different journey more because of the combat than the choices in the story. I would worry about anyone who ignores the combat in this game could not really give an opinion on it. i tend to agree with the author this is an action gamebook. Be prepared for action! lol

  • Re: Death is not the end...?

    Sorry Starscream, I had to delete your earlier post. Let's keep it polite and constructive on these forums please ;) Cheers!

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