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Topic: Lot cards: Swap / Sale

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  • Lot cards: Swap / Sale


    I am a big DQ fan from Germany. Maybe anyone is interested in swapping loot cards with me or in selling them!?

    Update: I recently got my complete Set on ebay!

  • Re: Lot cards: Swap / Sale

    Hi Doom. I'd like to get my hands on bubbling bile, ruination and crown of v also. But I don't think many people have those ultra rare cards. I went to collectormania to try and get some but I only got the others. Those are the three I am missing now.

  • Re: Lot cards: Swap / Sale

    Yeh, those 3 are the most rare. Those of us with those rare cards probably only have 1, and don't really want to give it up. I would love to complete the set myself, but I doubt I will ever be able to. Good luck, though!

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