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Topic: Choices, choices

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    I'll show some support for the beleagured warriors. I like the appearance and the description of the inquisitors. I assume they are the 'tank-adins' of the DQ world?) Are the powers and abilities any where?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Yes, the inquisitor does share some similarities with the 'paladin' archetype. Interestingly, there will be an actual Paladin career in book 4 (if I'm lucky enough to get that far!), although it will be very different to what people expect...

    As of now, I haven't released any info on special abilities (careers or otherwise). This is for two reasons. Firstly, they wouldn't make a whole lot of sense outside of the context of the book and the rules. Secondly, I think that kind of stuff is fun to 'find out' as you play through the book. And, I'm sure, players will be posting info up on careers and builds once the book is out.

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    @ raggamuffin
    you might find the sticky thread in the other forum useful. It explains how some of the different abilities work in combat.

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    <------- Cavalier for me!

  • Re: Choices, choices

    lol used to love that cheesey cartoon!

  • Re: Choices, choices

    Ha ha, that was my inspiration for the cavalier career and their whole 'shield' thing ;-) Thought it would just be me to get that! Class cartoon show...

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