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Topic: Choices, choices

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  • Re: Choices, choices

    Hate to rain on your parade bud, but I think exiled was being swayed to the dark side (a certain shadow chick, remember). That makes 1 warrior and 4 rogue.

    By the way is it just me or does the ice lock look like David Van Day, after being locked (no pun intended) in a freezer? Just an observation lol

  • Re: Choices, choices

    Point taken. on the poll at least. Not sure about David Van Day, too scary to think about 0_0

  • Re: Choices, choices

    Sorry rhiu -- I turned to the darkside. A dual wielding ninja siren with magical swords? Who wouldn't? give her stunlock and killing spree and i could be in game heaven

  • Re: Choices, choices


    Warrior 1
    Rogue 4
    Mage 4

  • Re: Choices, choices

    i was toitally into being the witch finder but now i wantv to play shadowstalker. still going to be a rogue!!!!

  • Re: Choices, choices

    I'm up for mage, surprise surprise. PLayed a frost mage in warcraft for long enough, so i may as well keep up the tradition. I hope the icelock is OP otherwise i'll have to change career and nickname

    (oh. and fantastic website. look foward to the book)

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