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Topic: loving it so far

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  • loving it so far

    firstly my praise on this great rpg concept. The fact that i bought the book and had it signed by the author/creator makes it more special.
    So far i have just started Act II and having fun. I do have a few ideas of developement.
    1) Character developement, is it a plan to be able to use a preplayed character from book 1 into book 2? I think it would be great to be able to do so.
    2) Races, i take it the race of character in book 1 is human. Unless this is developed latwer in the book please do not say . I think it would be great to be able to choose different races, each race has its own unique abilities and stat modifiers, ie Elven race, not as strong as others and have a - brawn adjustment but due to them being nimple and always seen as a magical races they have a + speed and magic adjustment.
    3) Sale of replaced equipent, when an item is replaced and or not suitable, if room in backback the old/unused item item can be sold to a vendor. Prices for items can either be posted here on the website or included in item details with a used or unused price.

  • Re: loving it so far

    Hi Zranta, were you one of my Collectormania purchasers?

    I'm glad you are enjoying the book - and to answer your queries:

    1) Yes, there will be 'opportunities' in DQ2 to use your hero from the first book. They will not be the main hero - each book has its own main character/hero.

    2) Race choices have not been included as they don't fit into the story/lore. I don't want to say too much at this point, but dwarves and elves are handled differently in the DQ world. It would not be appropriate to let you play one of these; if you had race choices then I would have to tailor the story to match each choice and that would take for a lot of writing. Player heroes will 'mostly' be human. Note that I say 'mostly'...

    3) It's a nice idea! At the moment the Alchemist can do this using the midas touch ability, turning useless equipment into gold. Currentlty, no other class/career can do this. It's a possibility for future books...

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