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Topic: act one orange quests

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  • act one orange quests

    ok how did you guys get past the orange quests on map one? been trying to get past them for the past week and keep getting my butt kicked. seriously thinking about giving up.....

  • Re: act one orange quests

    Hi Maqgigreen

    Let's see if we can get you on the right track. A few things:

    * I'm assuming that you've done all the green quests on map 1
    * You understand that your health is restored after every combat
    * You can visit the town between quests to purchase potions.

    Right, with that sorted, the simple thing you need to focus on is speed and your main attribute (either brawn or magic). This early into the game, you probably have points in both - but you want to start thinking about which of those you want to keep boosting, as you can only use one in combat (brawn or magic)

    For the orange quests, a speed of 1 or 2 should be ok (2 or more being ideal) and a main attribute score of around 2 or 3 for magic or brawn.

    Then, you really shouldn't have too many problems other than bad luck with the dice.

  • Re: act one orange quests

    Did you nail those orange quests in the end?

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